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StaffMatt was created by Laundromat Owners in response to the always nagging concern that the whole wash and fold operation can be brought to a halt due to staffing issues. The Covid 19 pandemic was the final straw. At the drop of a hat one of our employees could get sick and threaten all that we have built. In response to that, we created a platform specifically for wash and fold pros to be there when you need them most. They are trained, background checked, and ready to knock out that laundry, so you don’t have to disrupt your operations. Best of all it wont cost you much. You may even be able to make a few dollars during that period.

Another costly issue are mistakes. Not only will you lose revenue to refunds, but also confidence in your process. Our pros do not make the same mistakes that a new hire will make and can get that laundry knocked out fast.

What Our Partners Have To Say

“I had an attendant quit mid-shift. Instead of heading up there and finishing it up or letting down a customer, Staffmatt took care of it! Great job!


“Always responsive and there when you need them. Great experience!.”


“My superstar manager needed to take a month off for some medical issues and we couldn’t keep up. These guys filled in the gap and we made money. Great idea!”